By Jes Drew

The Castaways Trilogy, #1: Castaways

 Contemporary / 184 views / Popular

Emily Rogers thought nothing could be worse than her family moving across the ocean. When the unthinkable happens and the ship goes down, she learns just how wrong she is. Now she’s stranded on a deserted island with her two young cousins and Christopher Williams, the boy who refused to leave until all the women and children were safe.

But the island hides many secrets and holds many dangers. And as they fight to survive and hold onto hope, one unsettling question rises above the others. Is the island really deserted?

An adventure story of the struggle to survive, the tender bloom of young love, and an island with shocking secrets that could change everything.

Praise for Castaways:

“So, how do you follow up a knock-out first book in a survival/adventure/humor/touch-of-romance trilogy? With a knock-out second book, of course!” -Angie Thompson, author of Bridgers: A Parable

“This is a contemporary YA survival story filled with action, adventure, and just a touch of romance.” -S. Daisy, reviewer and blogger of

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