By Wyn Estelle Owens

But One Life

 Historical Fiction / 286 views / Popular


1776. Tory vs. Patriot. British vs. American.

The Revolutionary War divides each of the thirteen colonies, but worse, it divides individual families. As the crucible of war burns red-hot all around them, 16-year-old Ginny Phillips and her wealthy stepmother find themselves on opposite sides of an inexorably growing rift. Her father’s death in battle for the American cause only pulls them farther apart. When a young, handsome American soldier enlists Ginny’s help as a spy, will she have the courage to honor her late father’s Patriot convictions . . . even if it means risking her stepmother’s wrath? Even if it means risking her own life? And what about endangering the gang of lonely orphaned boys hiding in the woods who’ve opened their hearts to her?

Does the shadow of the hangman’s noose dangle over them all?

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