By Everly Haywood

Between Shade and Flame Series: Peaceweaver Special Hardcover Edition

 Fantasy / 198 views / Popular


A healer ordered to kill. A nobleman on the precipice of death. A magical connection that binds them to a nightmarish curse.

Young dune elf Persis Ophne takes pride in her gift of healing. Expecting to mend the ailing Prince of Gelaira, her world is shattered when she’s informed her true undercover assignment is to murder the dark elf. And her reluctance to assassinate the betrothed royal is further complicated when she finds herself falling for him.

Prince Haryk longs to be a worthy ruler. But when he’s struck with an inexplicable ailment with seemingly no cure, the selfless elf fears his failing body will prevent him from updating the land’s archaic peace treaty. And his doubts only intensify when he meets his future bride… and discovers he prefers her gentle servant healer.

Torn between her master’s wishes and her curative duties, Persis is stunned when she uncovers the mysterious root to the Prince’s crippling symptoms. And now that Prince Haryk has discovered someone else wants him dead, he vows to do whatever it takes to protect his kingdom from hidden enemies.

Will Persis and Haryk’s forbidden love survive a nightmarish curse and bloody betrayals?

Peaceweaver is a standalone book in the heart-racing Between Blood and Sand romantic fantasy series. If you like dramatic intrigue, traitorous twists, and sweet romance, then you’ll adore Everly Haywood’s compelling adventure.

Buy Peaceweaver to keep dark forces at bay today!

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