By Nicki Chapelway

Between Gods and Demigods

 Fantasy / 271 views / Popular

Once there was a battle between gods and demigods, and the demigods lost. Now sorcery is banned and those who choose to follow the demigods are shunned, even the followers of the Lady of Dawn, the only demigod to side with her godly parents in the battle.

Azern doesn’t know much about the outside world, or anything other than the crumbling secluded temple she was raised in. Year by year goes by, and one by one the priests leave the temple never to return. As one of the few remaining members devout to Lady Dawn, Azern is faced with a calling bigger and far more deadly than she ever could have imagined.

The demigods are awakening, and once again the Lady of Dawn calls upon her followers to aid her parents in their fight. Azern is given the task of finding and protecting the mortal heroes that the gods have chosen to save humanity. To aid her in this task she is gifted a taste of Lady Dawn’s foresight, but the first vision she ever sees of the future is about a Magicker, an injury, and a werewolf attack. Azern is convinced that she was given this vision so that she could save this Magicker’s life. Even if she must join a mad lord in his suicidal battle against werewolves to do it. What she didn’t count on was the Magicker being a stubborn fool who would likely rather die than break a rule. To gain his trust, Azern must keep her sorcery a secret. More than just his life may depend on it. If her sorcery is discovered the werewolves will be the least of her problems.But then, for mortals caught in the ancient struggle between gods and demigods, death is just an occupational hazard.

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