By Jodie Seibert

Beauty and the Cyborg

 Science Fiction / 245 views / Popular

Seven stasis bio-pods hold Astrid’s entire family. She needs nanites to save them. An insane amount.

When a mysterious man offers Astrid the credits she needs to save her family in exchange for marriage in name only, she has little choice but to agree. And when she arrives at the remote moon near Jovian on which he lives, he will not even let her see his face. All she knows about him is his name, who he was, and that he is dying, unable to be saved by a nanite influx. But why not? What happened to Vasily? Her new husband is a puzzle she is unable to truly solve.

The one called Vasily knows the horror of what he is, and what has been done to him, is not for the faint of heart or weak of will. The bond between his soul and his mostly cyborg body will soon fail. With his new wife by his side he has made peace with death, for he is no longer alone. Then a shocking revelation reveals that he may be saved from his cursed life. But only if Astrid is brave enough to look into the face of who he once was and who he could be again.

Beauty and the Cyborg is a clean and sweet science fiction romance novella of 34,000 words.

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