By Katy Huth Jones

Battling the Beast

 Non-fiction / 179 views / Popular


When faced with a cancer diagnosis, new patients seek desperately for hope. This book tosses them a lifeline from a surviving veteran to show the way to hope through faith.

Diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at age 46, the author’s busy life came abruptly to a halt. While navigating the unfamiliar seas of tests and chemotherapy, she discovered strength she could never have found in herself alone, the strength that only comes through complete dependence on God.

Jones shares her battle with the Beast through a series of emails she shared with a support group of Christian homeschooling Moms, along with practical information helpful to cancer patients and caregivers alike, and Scripture with a reflection to inspire greater faith. Because she knows how difficult it is to comprehend lengthy passages while in grief and shock over the diagnosis (and the fog of chemo brain), Jones has kept the chapters bite-sized.

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