By Margaret Tanner

Barefoot Mail-Order Bride

 Romance / 264 views / Popular


Mail-Order Bride, Sarah Linley, waits for her groom in church. Instead of marrying her as promised, Jason Thomas robs her, even taking the shoes off her feet. After tying her and the preacher up, he steals from the church and leaves.

Bounty Hunter, Dillon McMahon, knows his stepbrother is no good, but even he is shocked at Jason’s latest crime.

The preacher begs Dillon to marry Sarah who is now destitute and alone. How can a bounty hunter who owns nothing except a small rundown ranch, afford to take a wife?

Rather than let Sarah be ruined by a further series of disasters, Dillon reluctantly agrees to marry her.

Marriage between these two people is certainly not a match made in heaven. Or is it?

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