Autumn: Finch's Crossing Book One


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Autumn Hamilton is appalled when hard-hearted Ethan Rasmussen becomes the guardian of her orphaned six-year-old neighbor. Suddenly, Autumn is pulled into a complex and heartbreaking family saga, and she quickly realizes she must stop Ethan from making a huge mistake, regardless of his good intentions. The trouble is, Ethan is as tenacious as she is. And despite their mutual attraction, they know that two stubborn hearts can never beat as one. Or can they?

Meanwhile, Autumn has troubles of her own. Her once successful career as an artist has tanked, her beloved small town is being crushed under the weight of big box stores, and her best friend is definitely hiding something. While the town merchants work to revive Finch’s Crossing’s quaint downtown, Autumn searches for her creative muse, not knowing it’s been with her all along.

If you want your heartstrings tugged and enjoy a romantic page-turner, you will love this first book in the Finch’s Crossing small-town fiction series. Buy Autumn today and begin your romantic journey to Finch’s Crossing. You’ll be so glad you did.

“Felt like a good Hallmark movie.” –Amazon reviewer

“The characters and the story were wonderfully written. It was a joy to read. I immediately purchased the book Spring and have read it in one evening. It also was wonderfully written. I have purchased the entire series.” –Amazon reviewer

Each novel in the Finch’s Crossing series is a stand-alone book, but for the best reading experience you will want to read them in order.

Finch’s Crossing is a heartwarming four book series following the lives of the four Hamilton sisters as they search for love, personal fulfillment, and a renewed connection to the place they call home. Each Finch’s Crossing book evokes the special joys of the seasons. Fans of Debbie Macomber’s Cedar Cove series will be happily drawn into the life of this charming town. Learn more about author Amy Ruth Allen at, and discover the real town that inspired Finch’s Crossing.

Books in the Series

Autumn: Book One
Spring: Book Two
Summer: Book Three
Winter: Book Four (January 1, 2021)
Martha: A Finch’s Crossing Holiday Novella

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