By Ellie Hall

All I Want for Christmas

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★Wanted: Forever homes for twelve adorable puppies.  ♥Needed: A Christmas Eve miracle and maybe a kiss under the mistletoe.

Alone for the holidays, Clara finds out the animal shelter where she volunteers has twelve puppies for adoption. All she wants for Christmas is to match them with families, but it’s not easy. On Christmas Eve, twelve wagging tails surround her, still in need of forever homes.

Logan doesn’t care if fans call him the Grinch. He’s had it with the holly, the jolly, the merriment, and the caroling. If he has to sing, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” one more time, he might lose it, but he’s already lost so much. He’d rather just skip the festivities altogether.

When Clara meets up with a friend for coffee to brainstorm ideas to place the dogs, she encounters a jerk with a voice that can melt snow and maybe hearts—none other than musician Logan Ryder.

Desperate, Clara asks Logan to help find homes for the dogs. Guilt and nothing about how she’s cute and sweet make him agree.When they find themselves under the mistletoe, he might just change his mind and sing one more time.

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