Aeveen: Healer of Raith Mor


 Historical Fiction / 254 views


Forced to leave her village. Taken prisoner. She’s saved so many, but can he save her?

In one swift attack by the Vikings, the life that Aeveen knows comes to an end. Grieving over the loss of her beloved teacher, she is forced to flee to the fortress at Ráith Mór, home of the handsome but unhelpful Lord Neíll Mac Carthaigh.

She goes to work assisting the injured, but things go from bad to worse when she runs into conflict with the Lord himself. Only her skills save her from immediate banishment.

Her reputation as a healer grows and one day, a rival clan demands her services, threatening trouble if she fails to comply. Lord Mac Carthaigh reluctantly agrees and she leaves to attend to the sick and injured.

Soon after she arrives, the Vikings attack, kidnapping her along with several other women. When Lord Mac Carthaigh finds out, he is desperate to save her. Will he find her in time? Will he have the opportunity to tell her what’s on his heart? Or has he left it too late?

This short, clean novella is set in Ireland in the days of the great kings; a time when Vikings raided, clans fought and adventure lurked around every corner.

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