By Emily Dana Botrous

A New Shade of Paint

 Contemporary / 274 views / Popular

Is she a mistake—or a miracle?

Shannon Conrad hates her father for walking out on her life as a child. Things get ugly when she is forced to move in with him halfway across the country—in the middle of her senior year of high school.

Then there’s the boy next door, Kurt. His reputation and charm leave Shannon with little doubt about his intentions. The attention is nice, but what does she want?

Her new friend at school thinks Jesus is the answer to all her problems. She’s not convinced.

When Shannon discovers a secret that rocks her core identity, she has to decide what defines her.

Her decision will determine everything.

Her ability to forgive her father. Where she draws the line with Kurt. Who she really is.


If you enjoy coming-of-age tales about integrity and forgiveness with a bit of teen angst, flavored with the power of God to turn mistakes into a masterpiece, this is the story for you. Get it today!

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