By A.C. Williams

A Cowboy for Christmas

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Fleeing her boring life in London, Ava Blackwood is eager to have a tropical Christmas in Hawaii, but a massive blizzard grounds her plane in Bozeman, Montana a few days before Christmas. Where even is Montana? Isn’t it in Canada? Nevertheless, she’s determined to make the most of her frostbitten exile. She finds a room in a charming bed and breakfast, but her day only gets worse when she literally bumps into the grouchiest cowboy she’s ever met.

Jasper McCauley didn’t want his family’s ranch, but when his brother died, he was the only one left to take responsibility for it. And not just the ranch–his young niece Cassie too. He knows nothing about raising a child, and he’s barely holding the ranch together when the storm of the century blows in. He goes to help his nearest neighbor get to safety, and he is shocked to discover that she has a houseguest–Ava Blackwood, the clumsy British woman who tried to run him over.

Ava and Jasper must overcome their dislike for each other if they want to survive in a powerless town during a Montana blizzard. Will a reckless choice by Jasper’s well-meaning niece leave them to freeze to death? Or will it bring them together?

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